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Blog > February 2019 > Listen up to the range of microphones available in 2019
2/18/2019 1:53:42 PM | with 0 comments
We’ve picked out some of the best microphones available in 2019. We’ve made sure to select a few different choices that can be suited for different circumstances and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a better microphone to call your friends and family, or need something suitable for gaming, all of the microphones on this list can be excellent choices.
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Blue Snowball Ice Microphone

Blue Snowball Ice Microphone 
Starting at a price point that’s more than reasonable, the Blue Snowball Ice is perhaps one of the world’s most popular standalone microphones. There’s good reason for this popularity. It offers excellent audio quality, it’s durable, and easy to use in a variety of situations. At £50, you will struggle to find anything quite as decent as the Blueball Snowball Ice.
The Blue Snowball Ice can pick up your voice to an impressive level of quality. Keep in mind, though, it will take some setting up to put it to its full potential. This mic is often best used closer to your mouth, with a noise gate that can cut out lower decibel sounds. Thankfully, the included mic stand makes it very easy to be placed anywhere on your desk. And, if needed, you can unscrew it and easily screw it onto any universal mic stand for your desk or even to use as a standing mic.

Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren X
The Razer Seiren X is an excellent choice that's relatively new in the market. The Razer Seiren X is compact, easy to take with you on the go, and it does great at picking up the user's voice at a high quality. The microphone design means that once again, you'll need to have the mic facing towards you, and it often works better the closer it is to you. In terms of audio quality, we'd rank it neatly in between the Snowball and the Yeti, which is nice to see as this is exactly where the price falls at £94.99 as well.

Blue Yeti Professional Microphone

​Blue Yeti Professional Microphone
The Blue Yeti Professional is an even better option if you're happy to invest £119 in the very best you can get. The Yeti is easily considered the best choice for those that need the highest quality voice recordings. The level of quality may not be necessary for simple calls to your friends or family, but if you want to create voice commentaries, live stream, or use your voice for anything else, the Yeti is certainly our number one recommended choice.
Generally, the Yeti is well regarded by all that use it, and it's considered by many to be unbeatable at this price point. Of course, it’s not cheap, which is where the Snowball may be a better choice for those that may not necessarily need the best possible quality.

Advent ADM16

Advent ADM16
Alternatively, if you need a microphone as cheap as possible, the freestanding Advent ADM16 may be a quick option for you. The quality is admittedly not perfect, but it's convenient. You can attach the 3.5mm jack to the included Advent mic desk stand or even attach it straight to any headset that may have a 3.5mm jack passthrough.
The build quality is reasonable when you consider it costs £5. We certainly wouldn’t recommended the Advent ADM16 for streaming or recording your voice for video. However, so long as you simply need a method for your friends and family to hear you clearly during a call, it can work well.


Did any of the microphones in this list take your attention? If so, why not learn about how you can save on up to 12% of the cost through Techscheme. Below, we’ve provided a table that showcases the potential savings to be had.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Blue Snowball Ice £49.99 £6.00 £43.99
Razer Seiren X £94.99 £11.40 £83.59
Blue Yeti £119.99 £14.40 £105.59
Advent ADM16 £4.99 £0.60 £4.39 
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