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Blog > February 2018 > Rise to the Surface: The Best Microsoft Tech
2/20/2018 1:07:00 PM | with 0 comments
The Microsoft Surface brand is one of the most stylish in the world of home computing, but it’s not just the look of Microsoft’s flagship range that impresses. Incredible power and functionality in everything from the desktop PCs to the peripherals make these machines an enticing prospect. We’ve put together a list of the best of the best in the Surface catalogue, all available from our partners at Currys PC World. If you buy through Techscheme we’ll help you save up to 12% and spread the cost over up to three years.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Most of this all-in-one desktop sits behind its magnificent 28-inch touchscreen display. The 4K PixelSense display has 13.5 million pixels of colour, which makes it probably the best computer for the artists and designers out there. Behind that screen lies an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM,  2TB HDD and 128GB SDD storage and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M graphics card. Simply put, this is incredibly powerful.

There’s pretty much nothing this computer can’t do from the perspective of running software, and it’s even malleable in how you use it. It can stand upright like a normal computer or fold down to use like a canvas, perfect for taking advantage of the phenomenally sensitive Surface Pen – which comes in the box.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Surface Book 2 is the best detachable hybrid laptop on the market, no doubt. It’ll work great as either a tablet or a laptop but the power of the things is startling when compared to similar laptops. An Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM with 512GB of Solid-State storage and a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card is more than you should really expect from a computer designed to be able to pull apart.

Whether you are editing photos, drawing with the Pen, gaming, streaming or anything else you can think of, the Surface Book 2 won’t struggle. In fact, it excels. Of course, with a laptop/tablet this powerful you’d expect the battery life to suffer, which is why it’s miraculous that the Book 2 will last 17 hours even when working intensely.

Microsoft Surface Pro

A similar story to the Book 2, the Pro could easily replace your laptop. The Surface Pro, however, is designed to be a tablet. Light and portable with a stunning Quad HD display this is probably the most future-proofed tablet around. Intel Core i7 processing, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of Solid-State storage likely makes this tablet more powerful than the laptop you’re reading this on.

You can pick up the excellent TypeCover Keyboard and Surface Pen if you want this to actually function like a laptop, but it’s not needed if all you want is a brilliant tablet that you won't need to replace for years.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop contains all the brilliance of the surface brand, but for those who want a laptop that knows it’s a laptop. It comes with Windows 10 S, is powered by an Intel Pentium i7 processor and 16GB of RAM and provides 512GB of Solid-State storage. The PixelSense touchscreen display is functional, responsive and beautiful to look at; this is a laptop that can easily handle all your home and work needs, and at just 13.5-inches is a great size for people who want something they can travel with.
Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
Surface Studio £4299.99 £516.00 £3783.99
Surface Book 2 £2749.00 £329.88 £2419.12
Surface Pro £2419.00 £290.28 £2128.72
Surface Laptop £2149.00 £257.88 £1891.12

*Based on listed price at Currys PC World at the time of writing.
Obviously, when talking about the best of the Surface Brand we’ve gone for some of the highest spec models available. But there’s a whole range different specifications and prices on all these models and even at the lowest spec, they still manage to be impressive and powerful computers. If you want to take advantage of the incredible 12% savings that Techscheme can offer, you’ll need to make sure your employer is signed up to the scheme. Talk to them about us today.
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