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Blog > February 2018
We’re proud to announce the launch of your new and improved Techscheme benefit. We have listened to feedback  and made three significant upgrades: 
The Microsoft Surface brand is one of the most stylish in the world of home computing, but it’s not just the look of Microsoft’s flagship range that impresses.
Google entered the hardware market in a big way a few years ago, and today they sit amongst the biggest names in several fields.
There are times when your standard network options aren’t quite enough for your needs, if you’re into high-performance gaming, have a full house of internet users or just need an upgrade on your old tech you’re going to have to go out buy something.
Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, photography is more than a simple act. It’s a calling, it’s a vocation, it’s something that means something.
Laptops were invented for convenience and in the new breed of 2-1 models that idea has reached its zenith
Google’s incursion into the realms of hardware and software opened the door to a new kind of laptop. Chromebooks, with their reliance on cloud storage, allow manufacturers to build powerful but light laptops by not having to find space for increasingly large hard drives.
This is a wonderful time for mobile technology. In any industry, you would expect strides to be made with every new iteration of a product, but the latest generation of flagship smartphones feel like a bigger leap than we’ve experienced before.
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