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Blog > December 2019 > The Best Smart Tech Deals That Make a Great Christmas Gift
12/20/2019 9:12:36 AM | with 0 comments
Looking for great smart tech deals to get for a tech savvy family member or friend this Christmas? We’ve listed some of the best offers this year. From home assistants to smart watches, we’ve got some great options at a bargain.
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Amazon Echo Show - £59.99

Amazon Echo Show
First up we have the Amazon Echo Show. This is a hands-free assistant that uses Amazon Alexa and comes equipped with an 8 inch touchscreen. You can use the Amazon Echo Show to ask questions, find information online, set alarms, check the weather, stream music, podcasts, or other content, and even have video calls.
For those concerned about privacy, you can press a button to turn off the microphone and use a built in plastic slide to hide the cover.

Google Home - £89

Google Home
If you don't care too much for a display, but do care about having Google in your home, the Google Home is the perfect smart home assistant. You can use Google's powerful search engine to find information online about absolutely anything. You can set alarms, play music, and control a variety of smart home products with your voice.
The large speaker on the Google Home is perfect for playing music, but setting up smart speakers with the Google Home isn't difficult, either. Because Google Home is tied into the Google ecosystem, you can ask about any information related to your Google account, such as upcoming calendar plans, flights, or emails through Gmail.

Google Nest Hub - £119

Google Nest Hub
The Google Nest hub takes the Google Assistant and puts it into a much bigger package. The Nest Hub features a 7 inch touchscreen for when you'd rather see any important information, instead of hearing it. This means you can also use the Google Nest Hub for video calls and online meetings.
Google Nest Hub also has all of the other features that Google Home can offer, on top of a bigger speaker for listening to music. Google Nest Hub is perfect for viewing photos and videos saved on Google Photos too.

Ring 2 Video Doorbell - £179

Ring 2 Video Doorbell
Ring is a smart doorbell that allows you to remotely see who is at your door from your smartphone or tablet. Ring also has two way audio communication, which means you can talk to anybody that is at your door, even if you can't get there in person. Ring 2 is the perfect security tool, too - it can record full 1080p HD footage so that you have any evidence of people entering or coming near your home.
Motion sensors can also alert you when any movement is detected near your door and the sensitivity can be adjusted in case it's picking up movement that isn't from people. Ring 2 even has infrared night vision for picking up motion during the night. It's the perfect smart home addition to anybody's home to bring added security and peace of mind.

Apple Watch Series 3 - £199

Apple Watch Series 3 
For just £199, you can get yourself a brand new Apple Watch Series 3. It's not the latest and greatest watch from Apple, but its only one generation old. This means you can still get voice calling and Siri voice commands straight from your smartwatch.
You can also set up contactless payments through your watch. If you care about health and fitness, you'll be happy to hear that a number of fitness tracking features are built into the Apple Watch Series 3. Examples include apps for monitoring running, cycling, walking and even high-intensity interval training. The Apple Watch Series 3 is water resistant so you can also use it whilst swimming to track your lengths and burned calories. The Apple Watch Series 3 can also monitor your heart rate and you can set alerts for when your heart rate rises above a set threshold during periods where you aren't exercising.


Take a look at the table below to see the cost for this tech and also how much you could save when purchasing it through Techscheme.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Amazon Echo Show £59.99 £7.20 £52.79
Google Home £89 £10.68 £78.32
Google Nest Hub £119 £14.28 £104.72
Ring 2 Video Doorbell £179 £21.48 £157.52
Apple Watch Series 3 £199 £23.88 £175.12
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