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Blog > December 2018 > New Samsung 8K TVs Take Your Living Room to a New Place
12/17/2018 11:11:33 AM | with 0 comments
Whilst most people have only just recently moved to 4K, Samsung is already taking things to the next level with their new range of 8K QLED TVs, available at Currys. These new TVs have far higher resolution and use upscaling technology to improve any 1080p or 4K content. Let’s take a look at the technology behind these TVs, and what it’ll mean for the future of entertainment.
It should be mentioned that the new 8K Samsung TVs use cutting edge technology, and like all brand new tech, they aren’t cheap. However, if you want to be the very first to adopt new tech in your living room, you’ll be happy to hear that Techscheme can help to make such technology more affordable. Before we get into the pricing details, let’s take a closer look at what makes these new 8K TVs tick.

What is 8K Resolution? Is it worth buying yet?

Samsung's new QLED 8K TVs have what is known as an 8K resolution. When you hear 8K, it's easy to assume that it's twice the resolution of a 4K monitor, or 8 times higher than 1080p. Actually, 8K is 4 times higher resolution than 4K and 16 times higher than 1080p. The full resolution is 7680 x 4320 pixels. This means that you get more than 33 million pixels per panel.
What is 8K Resolution
As TV displays get larger, more pixels are needed to fill in that space with as much detail as possible. With 33 million pixels per 8K Samsung display, you’ll know that the viewing experience will be as crisp and clear as possible, no matter how large your display.
8K is still a new technology, and just like with 4K, it will take a long time before the majority of movies and TV shows are recorded in 8K resolution. Thankfully, Samsung's QLED 8K TVs use a technique called upscaling to turn any 1080p or 4K content into 8K. Each TV has a powerful AI-based chipset inside that can determine what to do with all of the extra pixels. It may not be as great as viewing real 8K content, but it's certainly going to be better than viewing 1080p or 4K content. So, in summary, if you want the very best viewing experience in your living area, an 8K TV is the cream of the crop right now.

Samsung’s 8K TV Have HDR and Great Colour Quality

No Samsung TV is complete without excellent colour quality. Samsung's displays are renowned for a bright colour range and unbeatable contrast. The QLED technology used helps to ensure every last pixel is as colourful as possible. Samsung's QLED displays offer billions of colours and shades, making nature documentaries more true to life, action movies more explosive, and live sports viewing more immersive.
Samsung 8K TV
HDR also ensures that the range of brightness on Samsung's 8K QLED displays is unbeatable. Elements of brightness against darker elements will really pop out at you. Examples include stars in the depths of space, or fireworks at night.
And, as you'd expect, all of Samsung's 8K TVs are smart TVs, which means you'll get access to a variety of apps. You can use platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video to watch a variety of the latest shows and movies. Play music with apps like Spotify or use the SmartThings app to turn your TV into a dashboard for your smart enabled home.

How Much Do Samsung’s 8K TVs Cost?

Samsung’s new 8K TVs aren’t going to come cheap, but if you’re willing to spread out the cost, it can potentially become an affordable way to treat your family to the latest living room tech. The 65" 8K QLED display from Samsung costs £4,999.
And, if you purchase the new 65 inch Samsung 8K TV through Techscheme, you could potentially save up to 12%. Not all employers will support such a large payment through Techscheme, but there are always other great 4K and 1080p TVs available that you can save on instead.
Here is a look at how much you could save on 24 monthly payments for the new Samsung 65” 8K QLED display from Samsung when using Techscheme.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Samsung QE65Q900 £4,999 £599.88 £4,399.12

Learn how you can save up to 12% and spread the cost on the latest 8K QLED TV with Techscheme
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