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Getting a new external hard drive, for most of us, is an occasional thing. You just have to hope you do it before you really should have done. Beyond backing up your work and keep your files more secure, though, they’re portable, so great for commuters. At Techscheme We’ve put together a list of some of the best external hard drives from our partners at Apple and Currys; with Techscheme, you can save up to 12% off their listed prices – even in the sales!


Seagate Backup Plus Hub – 8TB

The Seagate Backup Plus Hub is one for those who need a family or business focused external hard-drive with lots of storage. It’s also a fantastic storage device for creatives with a lot of media. If you install the NFTS driver for Mac who can swap interchangeably between PC and Mac with no need for formatting. That makes it great if the family have different hardware, or even if you need to use the two systems for work.

It comes with Lyve software to automatically order your files so that if you can't quite remember whether you took a picture with your camera or phone, they’ll all be listed in one place. It has two USB 3.0 ports and hits speeds of up to 5GB/s.


WD My Passport – 4TB

This big external drive is password protected and hardware encrypted, so, it’s a great option for people with more secure files to keep hold of. It’s USB 3.0 compatible and lets you move files at up to 5 GB/s meaning you won’t have to wait around for long. It comes with a 3-year warranty and WD's backup software ensures important data and files are regularly saved to your system on the schedule you choose.

Which is great if you don’t want to worry about data recovery.


LaCie Porsche Design – 1TB

This smaller, and let’s face it, more stylish option is designed to look great with a Mac. Thankfully, though, it’s also seamless compatible with Windows so you don’t have to miss out on carrying around an external that looks good. It’s USB-C, so offers great file transfer speeds and LaCie Automatic Backup Assistant software makes regularly securing your files as painless as possible.

Seagate Expansion – 1TB

The ultra slim Seagate Expansion is great for people who want something that easily slips into a bag (or pocket, for that matter) for carrying around. Lightweight and hardy it’s possible the best option for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much, but doesn’t want to leave their files behind. It’s USB 3.0 and can store 1,000 hours of digital video, up to 320,000 digital photos and 16,660 hours of digital music.
Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
Seagate Backup Plus £189.99 £22.80 £167.19
WD My Passport £99.99 £12.00 £87.99
Lacie Porsche Design £54.99 £6.60 £48.39
Seagate Expansion £45.99 £5.52 £40.47
These are just a few great options for external storage, whether you’re backing up or just have to work with a lot of large files you’ll find what you need here. At Techscheme you can save up to 12% and spread the cost over up to 3 years on all your tech needs, even on top of sale prices.
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