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4/9/2018 10:19:59 AM | with 2 comments

The original iPad was what brought tablet computing to the mainstream. Since then we've seen many new versions and competitors from other manufacturers. With the latest iPad though, Apple aims to bring this respected name to the market with an impressive, powerful and, more importantly, affordable model. Picking up your iPad from Techscheme will save you up to 12% on the listed price, and let you spread the cost over up to three years. Now then, let's tell you why should pick it up.


iPad 2018 - Design and Display

On the outside, the new iPad has the same stylish aesthetic as ever. Metal back, satisfying buttons where you’d expect them and Touch ID Home button on the front. It's a comfortable weight and the thickness at 7.5mm is satisfying to hold and use one-handed. There are no surprises here but if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing.

When it comes to the display, you shouldn’t be expecting the new AMOLED screens we’re starting to see in Apple’s flagship tech, but for the price the screen is excellent. Bright, with good colours and a nice 1536x2048 resolution you’ll have to try hard to find a place where it’s not usable.


iPad 2018 – Power and Battery Life

Behind the scenes, we see what really makes this tablet impressive. The new iPad is powered by Apple’s A10 Fusion processor chip and backed up with a healthy 2GB of RAM, providing plenty of heft for web browsing, using apps and streaming video. It’s ideal really, at the moment the new iPad probably doesn’t need all the power it has but having it there means you can be sure of its longevity.

With portable media, it's always handy to make sure that there's enough juice in the tank and the 2018 iPad doesn't want to leave you hanging. Web browsing and watching video over Wi-Fi will last you a solid 10 hours, great for a full work day, or even at school if you're thinking of using it as a learning aid.


iPad 2018 – Verdict

We think it’s safe to say that this new tablet is the best you can get in its price bracket. In a few ways, like battery life, it’s comparable with even more expensive iPads like the Pro 10.5-inch, although the new iPad doesn’t quite have the heft and features to replace your laptop.

If you’re looking for a great mid-level iPad that can meet your day-to-day needs like using apps, browsing the web, streaming, taking snaps and even educating the younglings then you should look no further than Apple’s iPad 2018.
Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
iPad 2018 £319.00 £38.28 £280.72


So that’s a good look at the latest iPad, if you want to add some extras to your device like extra storage, our Techscheme savings of up to 12% will apply to all of it. For that matter, you can get those savings on a huge range of products when buying through Techscheme from our partners at Apple or Currys PC World. If your employer hasn’t signed up for the employee benefits scheme, why not let them know about us.

iPad Mini Repair
That is amazing, Apple iPad 2018 feature is more better than previous model. iPad 2018 provide new display design and more power for battery life.
10/10/2018 9:21:50 AM

I like the sound and idea of the above but when I am on your webiste I am not able to locate this Ipad or infact any Ipad at this price. The link advertised above does not work either.. Can you please email me with a link to the product descirbed above.
6/14/2018 4:24:42 PM

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