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Blog > April 2018
Summer is coming. Whether you're off to another country, spending some time at the beach, sipping drinks poolside or down to get muddy at a festival, having a reliable and durable set of Bluetooth speakers on you is a must for any music lover.
Getting a new external hard drive, for most of us, is an occasional thing. You just have to hope you do it before you really should have done. Beyond backing up your work and keep your files more secure, though, they’re portable, so great for commuters.
As technology has advanced it feels like the traditional desktop has been pushed aside by more and more powerful laptops, but as a consequence, laptops have been getting bigger and heavier. An ultrabook feels like what a real laptop should be, small, light but uncompromising on power.
The original iPad was what brought tablet computing to the mainstream. Since then we've seen many new versions and competitors from other manufacturers. With the latest iPad though, Apple aims to bring this respected name to the market with an impressive, powerful and, more importantly, affordable model.
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