1. Your employer signs up

To take advantage of Techscheme benefit your employer must be registered. If they’re already signed up they will have a unique employer code - something like t143 - append this to our website address www.techscheme.co.uk/t143 and voila - you're ready to shop.

If they're not signed up, you can invite them to register here. Signing up to the scheme is free, it's cost-neutral to run, and it's available to employers of every shape and size - from micro to enterprise.

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2. You pick your products

Colleagues can save on a vast range of electronics, computers, tablets, smart health and home automation products.

Popular items include: MacBooks, iPads, all-in-one PCs, smartphones, fitness trackers, smart scales, automated lighting and remote controlled switches.

3. Checkout and start to save

Your employer pays for the order and then recovers the cost from your gross salary over a 12, 24 or 36 month period. Paying via salary sacrifice enables you to save up to 12% on National Insurance, making a wide range of technology affordable - now.

There's no credit check, we never charge more than RRP or bundle products that may not be needed or desired.

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