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TV Size Buying Guide and Top Picks For your Living Room

The average TV size has grown massively in recent years, but how do you know which size is best for your living room? Bigger is often better, but if your living room has a limited size, going too big may ruin the experience. Thankfully, there are some great guidelines to follow.
Let’s take a look at what TV sizes are best for your room. You’ll need a tape measure to measure the distance between where you will sit and where your new TV will be. After that, we can go through the best suggestions for each size.
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How to Calculate the Best TV Size for your Room

Below, we will offer some rough guidelines for calculating the best TV size for your room. Please keep in mind, these are just guidelines to help ensure you can actually see the whole picture clearly. These guidelines are based on aggregated guides from a variety of sources, including Amazon, Currys, and Samsung.


To begin with, measure the distance between where you will sit and where your new TV will be placed. Measure this distance in inches. Next, divide that number by two. So, for example, if there is 120 inches between your sitting location and TV location, we’d have an optimal TV size of 60 inches. Remember, this is just a guideline, but try to keep within a few inches of that range.
To get extra room, you could consider rearranging your furniture or mounting your TV to the wall.  With these guidelines in mind, we have provided a buying guide for the best TVs for each room size below.

Top 40 Inch TVs for a 2 Meter Viewing Distance

Out of nowhere, 40 inches has become the entry point for most TVs. This means that you can get a good quality 40 inch TV from a reputable brand for a reasonable price.
We have two choices at this size range. A 1080p Smart HDR LED TV from Sony Bravia for £369 and a Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV from Panasonic for £599.

Sony Bravia KDL40WE663 40" Smart HDR LED TV - £369

The Sony Bravia KDL40WE663 is a 40 inch display with Smart features and Freeview built-in. The Smart hub allows you to open apps like Netflix or YouTube and watch content on demand without any additional hardware. Two HDMI ports are available on the back, which can be used for consoles, smart sticks, or other devices.
HDR technology is available on this TV, so expect crisper colours and more vivid contrast range.

Panasonic TX-40GX700B 40" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV - £599


Retailing for £599, the Panasonic TX-40GX700B is a full 4K Ultra HD TV. This TV comes with HDR10+ and a massive 3840 x 2160p screen resolution, so expect crisper, more detailed images in comparison to the 1080p display above. Smart TV features are available, including catch up TV via BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, and much more.
You also get streaming through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV, and Chilli. YouTube and an internet browser are also built in. If you are watching regular 1080p content, 4K upscaling will be used to enhance the picture quality further. 3 HDMI ports are available, as well as a single USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port.

Top 50 Inch TV for a 2.5 Meter Viewing Distance

50"+ TV

Once you step into the 50 inch territory, you really want to opt for 4K. We’ve picked out the Samsung UE50RU7100KXXU 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD which retails for £599. This puts this TV at the same price as the 40” Panasonic TV above, so if you can make extra room for it, we would highly suggest this option. Samsung measures this display to have a 1400 PQI, a scoring system Samsung uses to explain their own TV range. This gives it a reasonable quality that is hard to beat at this price point.
The Samsung UE50RU7100KXXU comes fully equipped with all major UK catch up TV services, 4K Streaming via Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, 3 HDMI ports, and Alexa and Google Assistant support. The built-in UHD upscaling processor ensures you get the very best 4K picture quality, no matter what resolution the original content is displayed in. As you'd expect from Samsung, HDR10+ is available on this TV which really adds to a higher dynamic range in colours and contrast.

Top 65 Inch TV for a 3 Meter Viewing Distance

Moving to this screen size can be a big jump in price for the best picture quality, but it’s well worth paying that extra amount. We have chosen the Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV which retails for £1,699.00.
This TV uses HDR QLED technology. All other TVs in this article thus far have used LED technology. What's the difference? Essentially, there's more light to the backlight, which means there's room for brighter colours, a better viewing angle, and sharper image quality. The picture quality measures on Samsung's scale to be about 2.2 times better quality than the 50 inch TV suggest above, with a score of 3100 PQI.
With the Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU, you get HDR10+, HLG, and upscaling so that all content appears in 4K. Bixby is built-in, but the TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa too. You can expect access to all of the best streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as catch up TV services. YouTube, and a variety of Samsung apps too.

Top 80 Inch TV for a 4+ Meter Viewing Distance

80"+ TV


If you want to go all out, a great choice is the Samsung QE82Q60RATXXU 82" Smart 4K TV available for £3,999. At such a large display size, it can be difficult to get the best picture quality, but Samsung gives this TV a 3000 PQI score. You lose about 100 PQI versus the Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU 65" simply because everything is stretched out across a larger area.
Besides this though, you get the same technology as the previous Samsung display. This includes HDR10+, HLG, built-in Bixby, YouTube, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, as well as all streaming and catch up TV services.

Summary and Pricing

To summarize, we have provided an overview of the pricing of each TV below. We have also included an overview of how much you could save on these TVs when buying through Techscheme.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Sony Bravia KDL40WE663 40" 1080p £369 £44.28 £324.72
Panasonic TX-40GX700B 40" 4K £599 £71.88 £527.12
Samsung UE50RU7100KXXU 50" 4K £599 £71.88 £527.12
Samsung QE65Q67RATXXU 65” 4K £1,699 £203.88 £1,495.12
Samsung QE82Q60RATXXU 82" 4K £3,999 £479.88 £3,519.12

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