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Top tips for cleaning your washing machine

Has your washing machine lost its sparkle?

The average family does about 10 laundry loads per week. No wonder they can become a bit tired and even start to smell bad. If you got these issues, read on to find out how to get it clean. 

Before we look to restore your machine to its former glory, it’s important to read the instruction booklet that came with your washing machine, because it may help you speed up the process. 

  • Some machines have a dedicated cleaning programme. 
  • Your manufacturer may recommend a specific cycle to clean their machines. 
  • Cleaning or de-scaling products are advised against by some manufacturers, so it's wise to check. 

Once you’ve checked, you’re ready to follow this step-by-step cleaning video – below courtesy of Currys.


Troubleshooting tips – Keep it clean 

  • Leave the door open between washes to keep it smelling fresh 
  • Run the empty machine on a hot wash once a month 
  • Reduce limescale build-up with the right detergent 
  • Clean the door seals regularly – mould left to fester sinks into the rubber 

Cleaning only goes so far 

If you bought it as long as 5 years ago, it’ll be lagging behind by the latest machines – no matter how clean you’ve made it.  With Techscheme you can spread the cost of a new purchase and save some money too. 


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