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Tips for taking top quality outdoor photos on your phone

Most phones now come with multiple camera lenses. But are two (or more) lenses really better than one? With a dual-lens camera you can snap between both lenses easily on the fly, giving you different results depending on what you’re taking a picture of.
It can help you get sharper images with more detail, give you an ultra-wide-angle frame or help you take photos with a shallow depth of field, making the subject of your photo really pop.
Use the power of Portrait Mode
When it comes to putting your friends and family in the frame, nothing looks quite as professional as a portrait and now, you can use Portrait Mode on most good phones.
Portrait Mode usually calls on the multi-lens cameras to keep the subject sharp, while creating a beautifully blurred background – perfect if you want to keep the focus on someone special in a gorgeous summery setting. Fancy putting yourself in the picture? You can even take selfies in portrait mode with the front camera on some phones.
Become a selfie master
 If you love a good selfie and you’re keen to up the Insta ante this summer, a front-facing camera with a wide-angle lens is the only answer.
A selfie may just be a selfie but without the extra field of view, you won’t be able to fit more of your friends – or the background – into the frame. The latest phone cameras let you avoid this stress.
For super selfie snapping, we’re going with the Oppo Find X3 Pro.  Its 32MP front-facing camera has a super-wide 81° field of vision, so you can get everyone packed in for great group selfies.
Boost the dynamic range
For shots full of detail, you need HDR (which stands for High Dynamic Range). It takes three pictures with a single click, but each has a different exposure level: an overexposed, underexposed and balanced shot. Then it stacks all three together to create a bold image, rich with shadowing and highlighting. Clever!
Putting your camera on ‘HDR mode’ will help eliminate any overexposed or underexposed short comings – giving you nothing but beautifully detailed photos.
Your camera knows best
Lots of phones now come with AI technology built into the camera, which helps you take professional-looking photos anywhere you go. Its clever sensors figure out what you’re looking at and adjusts the settings to get the best shot.
Whether you’re taking photos of your pet, a plate of yummy BBQ food or a landmark you’ve travelled to see in the sunshine, artificial intelligence can adjust the camera settings to give you amazing pictures. This means you don’t need to fiddle around with your settings – just point and shoot.

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