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TV Size Buying Guide and Top Picks For your Living Room

The average TV size has grown massively in recent years, but how do you know which size is best for your living room? Bigger is often better, but if your living room has a limited size, going too big may ruin the experience.



Windows, Apple or Chrome: What’s right for you?

Here’s a huge choice of laptops out there from brands like Apple, Acer, Asus, Windows, HP and Samsung. Great for work or play on the go, these lightweight and powerful laptops work for your budget. Find out which laptop best suits you with our brand



How to listen to Podcasts in 2021

7 million Brits listen to podcasts every week. There are podcasts dedicated to almost anything you can think of – from The Beatles to bin liners. You can find podcast dramas, comedies, long form interviews, reviews, language courses and so much more.


Can tech help you eat better in 2021?

We’re all hoping this year is better than last! And health is top of everyone’s agenda. That’s where the latest tech comes in, bringing you healthy eating appliances for a feel-good 2021



How to use tech made from recycled materials

Recycling is a good step towards being greener. Whether that’s making sure your packaging goes in the right bin or composting your food waste. In the UK our average recycling rate is 45%. Below half isn’t great – especially when you think about the 221 mi


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