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Making your new home a smart home

If you’ve moved into a new home or want to make things a little easier to manage, it’s the ideal moment to make your new space smarter.  

Smart homes have multiple benefits – from making everyday tasks easier to cutting the costs of your energy bills. Every room in your house can benefit from some connected wizardry. From the kitchen to the nursery, smart tech can make your life easier.

To get started, it’s advisable to begin with the set-up of a smart home hub like - Google, Alexa, Samsung, to name a few. After that, add your compatible tech and use your hub to control your whole smart home from your phone when on the move or even from your TV screen. 

Here are some great ways smart tech can benefit your day to day.  

Reducing chores
Moving home can be stressful enough, why not start off life in your new house with some labour-saving tech?   

Automatic vacuuming
Still pushing a vacuum around? Switch to a robot vacuum cleaner and let the little dust buster do it for you. 

Did you know that you can set a vacuuming schedule and control it from your phone? 

Many robo vacuum cleaners are laser guided and, when their charge is low, they return to their base station for a recharge, incredible.   

robo vacuum

Have a smart assistant/speaker on call
Smart speaker like a Google Nest or Amazon Echo, can shortcut your way to find out the weather forecast, make calls, set reminders, make lists and play your favourite tunes. Smart speakers keep your hands free so that you can do other tasks such as cooking.  You can also use it to control the rest of your smart home with just your voice. 

Smart locks 
We can all be prone to misplacing our house keys - and it can be a real stress when it happens. You could ditch the keys altogether in favour of smart locks. Smart locks like the Yale Keyless Connected have touchpads and work with number combinations, you can even lock door from your phone when it’s connected to your smart home system. 

Some keyless systems allow you to set time-limited codes or send ‘digital keys’ by phone so that friends or family can let themselves in if you get held up.  

Smart doorbells 
These devices offer better security but are also really convenient. By having a video doorbell you can check from your phone who’s at the door. Ideal if you are out and about or already busy with something else. 

Smart doorbell

Some video doorbells can even send notifications to your phone when movement is detected. This means you don’t miss any deliveries and can even use two-way communication to talk to the delivery driver. 

Smart lights 
Smart lights have loads of uses. But did you know that they can make your home safer? 

By putting your smart lights on a schedule when you’re away and it’ll make your house look like someone’s always in. Control it all from your smart home hub and you can even make your TV come on at specific times, this might help with getting out of bed in the morning? 

Smart Lighting

These are just a few ideas to get your smart home started, but there’s a whole world of smart tech to upgrade your home. From smart fridges that help you keep food fresh for longer to tech that helps you stay fit at home 


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