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How to listen to Podcasts in 2021

7 million Brits listen to podcasts every week. There are podcasts dedicated to almost anything you can think of – from The Beatles to bin liners. You can find podcast dramas, comedies, long form interviews, reviews, language courses and so much more.

With so much to listen to out there, we’ll show you how you can join in in 5 simple steps.

With so much to listen to out there, we’ll show you how you can join in in 5 simple steps. Watch the video or read the breakdown of all the steps you need.

1. Download a podcast app

Podcast apps are a brilliant way to search and subscribe to podcasts. There are loads to choose from and they’re free. You can choose to stream the podcasts straight from the app or download them and listen at a time that suits you.

Stitcher and Castbox are two great examples. Some podcast apps may ask you to create an account to listen, but with others there’s no need to log in.

You’ll find them on Google Play or the App Store. If you have an Apple device, Apple podcasts is pretty popular too.

Alternatively, look beyond apps. Streaming services such as Spotify now have hundreds of podcasts available to stream or download.

2. Find your interests

Once you’ve downloaded a podcast app, you’ll probably get to choose a few topics you’re interested in during set up. You should then get some popular podcast suggestions based on those interests.

If you have something specific in mind – e.g. a specific comedian you enjoy - you can search for that person in most podcast apps and get a list of shows and episodes that they feature in.

3. See what’s popular

In most apps, you’ll get a home screen where you’ll get recommendations for the most popular podcasts. Apple Podcasts have a chart where the most-listened to and trending shows display. Papers like the Guardian and Observer also now feature new and interesting podcasts.

The BBC produce lots of podcasts. Some are totally original content while others are just an easier way of listening to shows that appear on their radio networks – Desert Island Discs for example.

4. Subscribe

Once you’ve found a podcast you think you might like, click subscribe. You’ll have the option to download latest episodes automatically when you’re connected via Wi-Fi. Make sure your notifications are on, so you know when there’s a new episode to listen to!

If you become a big fan of the podcast you’ve chosen, head onto social media to find your fellow fans. Most popular podcasts have forums on Reddit or dedicated pages on Facebook where fans gather to dissect the latest episode.

5. Get some headphones

Listening to podcasts is a very personal thing – so it’s good to get some wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds for the best listening experience.

Noise cancelling technology means you can enjoy your podcast in peace. Or if you prefer to be active, you can listen as you get on with chores round the house, ride on public transport or do your daily exercise.

Big brands like Bose or Sony have great in-ear and over-ear examples. One great thing about their headphones is that you can pause whatever you’re listening to with just a tap of a finger or a voice command.

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