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How to get started with virtual reality VR headsets

Virtual reality is finally, well, reality, but it didn’t start off cheap. Thankfully, that has all changed as the VR realm has grown and more developers have come on board. Now, PlayStation has their very own VR headset, HTC has one, Facebook owns a range of VR kits, and even Steam is working to release one.
For now, we will be focusing on the cheapest possible options to get you started with VR gaming. You’ll be able to save on money if you already have a PS4, but if you don’t, there are still options available for you.
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Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack - £179


If you already have a PlayStation 4, you could get started with VR for under £200. The PlayStation VR Starter Pack includes the PlayStation VR headset and a number of free VR experiences within the VR Worlds game to jump start your steps into virtual reality.
You will have to pick up free games or purchase them from the PSN Store, but there are some excellent PS VR titles all ready to go. The most popular right now is Blood and Truth, a first person VR shooter game exclusive to the PlayStation 4.
Borderlands 2 VR brings virtual reality to the classic Borderlands 2, and Beat Saber brings frantic rhythm based gameplay into your living room that’s sure to get you losing calories whilst having fun.
You don’t get any extra accessories with this starter pack, so you may want to consider choosing one of the options below if you can afford it.

Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack - £209

If you buy the pack above, you won’t get any additional games. You can save money by picking up the Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack, which comes with the same headset and four free games.
The games include Elder Scrolls VR, Astrobot Rescue Mission, Doom VFR, and Wipeout Omega Collection. You’ll get all of these and the VR worlds experience from PlayStation that we mentioned above.


Keep in mind that both of these options require you to own a PlayStation 4. If you don’t have a PS4, you can purchase one for £229. This includes a 500GB hard drive, a DualShock 4 controller and a free copy of Spider-Man. We’ll include this in our savings table at the end.

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack and PS4 Move Controllers - £219


If you can up your budget a little more, the next suggestion we have is to get the Sony PlayStation VR and Move controllers bundle. If you want to play games like Beat Saber, you really want to get the move controllers to go along with it.
You can use a standard PS4 DualShock controller for the majority of VR games, but some require motion controls, especially games that are built from the ground up to be VR supported. The experience is that much more immersive with these controllers too.
You don’t get most of the same games that you do in the Mega bundle, but you do still get Astrobot Rescue Mission to try out VR with.

Oculus Go VR Gaming Headset 64 GB - £244.00


This may be the priciest option on this list so far, but if you don’t own a PS4 or a PC, the Oculus Go VR actually brings affordability to first-time gamers. You do not need to own a console or a PC to play games with the Oculus Go VR. Everything can be played from within the headset and it requires no additional hardware or setup.
There are over 1,000 games and apps in the Oculus store, which is a place that has cemented itself as the largest standalone VR marketplace. The hardware in the Oculus Go is alongside what you’d expect in a smartphone. In fact, the Go uses a Snapdragon 821, which means most games are mobile quality. These days, that’s still pretty impressive when you consider games like Fortnite and PUBG are available on mobile.
For VR experiences, you’ll be looking at other games though. For example, Republique VR, a story-driven stealth game. Or, you have plenty of party games and immersive experiences like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. In this, you have to work with friends to try to defuse an explosive in as little time as possible.
Ultimately, the Oculus Go is a great introduction to VR without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind, it’s not quite the same as owning a PS4 in terms of what games are on offer. Sure, there are technically more VR games on the Oculus Go, but they aren’t as immersive or detailed as games like Borderlands 2 or Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Summary and Pricing

Hopefully one of the VR headset options in this articles has taken your fancy. We’ve showcased how much these headsets cost, and how much you could save through Techscheme, below

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack £179 £21.48 £157.52
Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack £209 £25.08 £183.20
PS VR Starter Pack with PS4 Move Controllers £219 £26.28 £192.72
PS4 and Spider-Man Bundle (No VR) £229 £27.48 £201.52
Oculus Go VR Gaming Headset 64 GB £244 £29.28 £214.72

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