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How to connect a smart TV to the internet


Most new TVs come with smart features and apps already installed, along with a selection of catchup and streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video or ITV Player. But before you can use any of your TV's smart features, you'll need to get it connected to the internet. 

Wired or Wireless connection 

To use your Smart TV on the internet, you’ll need to connect it via a wired connection or a Wi-Fi network. Here’s what you need to know about each option: 


Wired connections 

A wired connection is sometimes called an 'Ethernet' or 'LAN' connection. It’s really just a cable that connects your TV to your router. 


- The connection is often more reliable. 

- There’s less risk of interference. 

- With speeds of up to 1000Mbps, a wired connection usually means faster internet 


- You'll need to run a cable from your TV to your router, or use 'Powerline adapters'. 

- The cables can be untidy and it’s a problem if the TV is a long way from the router. 


Wi-Fi connections 

Most internet-enabled tech now has Wi-Fi built-in, so all you’ll need to do is connect to your network in the device settings. 


- You can use the TV in whichever part of the house you want. 

- You shouldn’t need to get any additional equipment or cables. 


- You might sometimes get interference from other tech that’s using the Wi-Fi (such as laptops, tablets, or mobiles). 

- The signal might be weaker if the TV is a long way from the router. If that happens, you might need a 'signal booster.’ 

Connecting to a network 

Once you know which type of connection you’ll be using, you can use the instructions below to get your smart TV set up via an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. 


Connect with a wired connection 

If your TV and router are close enough, you can connect a cable straight from your router into the 'LAN port' on the back of the TV. 

If you want to use a wired connection but the cable doesn't reach, you can divert the internet signal through your home’s wiring by using 'Powerline' adapters. 


Connect with a Wi-Fi connection 

First, you'll need to get the Wi-Fi password, which is normally found on the back of your router. Most smart TVs will prompt you to connect to Wi-Fi when you're setting them up for the first time. Alternatively, you can find the Wi-Fi option in your TV’s settings. 

- Search for Wi-Fi networks and select yours from the list of options 

- Enter the wireless password for the network. 

- Press ‘OK’ to get the TV to connect. 


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