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How to choose an action camera


Understanding all the different features will give you the best chance of choosing the right camera for you. 

  • Resolution – This refers to how much detail the camera can capture, measured by the number of pixels in each frame. 1080p is Full HD, 720p is standard HD, and 4K is four times the number of pixels as Full HD. So, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the images. The GoPro Fusion 360 Camera captures incredible 5.2K video, giving you fantastic results whether you’re filming at the skate park or capturing the magic of a coral reef. 


  • Field of view – This is how much the camera can ‘see’ in a single frame, with a wider field of view giving you a bigger picture. Having a wide field of view means you can feel more a part of the whole scene than with a traditional camera. It’s measured as an angle, and the bigger the angle, the wider the field of view. 


  • Frames per second (FPS) – This is how many shots the camera can manage per second. Most cameras shoot at 30fps, and higher-end ones can shoot 60fps to give you sharper images. If you want crisp, clear slow-motion footage, you should get one with the highest FPS possible. 

  • Image stabilisation – Since most action cameras are for shooting footage on the move, you want it to be as smooth as possible – unless you want some deliberately shaky effects. Cameras with reliable image stabilisation will allow you to record a the highest of snowboard loops without feeling sick when you watch it back. For ultimate image stabilisation, the GoPro Hero7 Black has a ‘hypersmooth’ feature to guarantee even your wildest adventures are captured with flawless results. 


Mounting system – Action cameras are usually designed to be attached to different objects or surfaces, so most will come with one or two mounts. But, if you want to attach your camera to specific objects, like bike handlebars, you might need a specialist mount. 

  • Water resistant/waterproof – If you want to use your action camera underwater, make sure you get one that’s waterproof, rather than water-resistant, to be certain it can be submerged to the depth you need. Take a look at the specifications for the IP rating; these will tell you how waterproof a device is. You might need to use a separate case if your camera won’t withstand being submerged. With the Kaiser Baas X400 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, the housing is included, making this camera waterproof up to an  incredible 40m depth. 


Wireless connectivity– Some action cameras include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (near-field communication), giving the option to use your phone or tablet as the screen. That makes it really quick to adjust settings and easy to control the camera using an app, rather than playing around with the camera you’ve already set up. The GoPro Hero7 White is lightweight and has voice-control, so it’s an ideal choice to capture your adventures, wherever they take you. 
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