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How smart thermostats can save you money


What is a smart thermostat? 


It’s a handy bit of tech that lets you control your thermostat settings from your phone – which means you can turn your heating on and off and set a timer, amongst other features. Smart thermostats are especially great if you’re on your way home and want a warm reception, or if you’re off on holiday and only remembered to turn the heating off at the airport! 


A smart thermostat can monitor your usage over time, learn your routine or even switch on your heating automatically when you’re getting close to home. Set it up with Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, and you can even control it with your voice. 


 How can a smart thermostat save me money? 


By learning your habits, smart thermostats can optimise your heating and A/C habits. It can learn when you get up, leave for work and are out of the house – so it’s more efficient with heating and cooling. Traditional thermostats are fiddlier to program and don’t adapt to your changing plans. 

Plus, most people don’t actually get around to programming their thermostats, meaning that they’re just left on 24/7. Having control over your home heating via your smartphone means it’s extremely easy to cut down your usage. 

Some smart thermostats give you control over heating in different rooms, hot water control, draught detection and even holiday modes that protect your pipes while you’re away. 

How do I install a smart thermostat? 

Here’s a guide to help you install your smart thermostat. First, you’ll need to install your ‘Heat Link’ – which is the part that controls the boiler. It’s best to get a professional electrician to do this bit for you. There’s no point taking any risks. 

  1. Pick a room where you spend a lot of time to place your thermostat. It doesn’t need to be attached to a wall, but you’ll need a plug socket nearby. 

  1. Slot the micro-USB cable into the socket of the smart thermostat. It’s probably on the base. 

  1. If you’re screwing it to the wall, use a spirit level to make sure that it’s level. Then attach the base to the wall. 

  1. Now attach the display to the base. If you hear a click, it probably means that it’s securely mounted. 

  1. Then you’re ready to set up! Most models will have an app which will easily guide you through this process. 

Currys PC World recommends: 

Google Nest 3rd Generation Smart Thermostat 

With a big, bright display, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat adapts itself to your habits and can control hot water too. You can pair it with your smartphone or there’s a handy remote control – great if guests are visiting. Plus, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control it via voice. 


Want to monitor your heating and hot water usage? It’s easy with ‘Home Report’, which you’ll get once a month. It will also suggest ways you can use less energy, which will save you money in the long run. 

‘Nest Sense’ even knows the weather, so it will take that into account when working out how warm to keep your home. 

Final bonus point - it comes in four colours, so will suit any home: black, gold, silver/grey and white. 

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Article was originally published by our partners at Currys PC World.  

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