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Freestanding vs Built-in ovens – what's the difference and which should I get?


Whether you’re fitting-out your first home or revamping your kitchen, this guide can help.

Freestanding ovens

Freestanding ovens are an all-in-one cooker that stands on its own four legs. It’s got a hob on top, oven space below and some have a separate grill.

The main advantage of a freestanding oven is that it’s one complete package. It fits into an existing gap in your kitchen and comes in a variety of sizes. This means you can take it with you if you move house.


Although, in theory, you can choose where to put your freestanding cooker, it will need to be close to a power source – whether that's a plug or gas outlet - usually within a range of about 1.5 metres.

We always recommend you use a qualified electrician to install an electric oven. And if you’re getting a gas oven, ensure you have it fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer, to comply with the law.


Range cookers

There are combination of ovens, grills and hobs that are perfect for feeding big families and cooking lavish Sunday roasts.


If you want to make a statement – both design and cooking-wise, one of the best types of freestanding oven is a range cooker. It’s designed for serious chefs who like to experiment with new dishes, or those who often cook for lots of people.

With a Range cooker you get up to 50% more oven space than smaller freestanding ovens and also have several hob plates so you can have lots of pans on the go at once.


Built-in Ovens

A built-in own is an integrated cooker that seamlessly blends into your kitchen for a modern and stylish look. If you want the flexibility of a range cooker but don’t have space for one – or worry it’ll be out of sync with your gorgeous new kitchen units – a built-in oven is the way to go.


Built-in ovens are installed into kitchen units or fixed to cupboard doors. They are usually 60cm wide, which is the same as standard kitchen units.

With built-in ovens you have choice of the type, model and style of hobs and ovens so you can mix and match and there’s also choice of conventional, fan or multifunction ovens.

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