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Door View Cams for Security and Remote Viewing

Door view cams have become a cheap choice for adding extra security to your home. These days, you can purchase door view cameras that are packed with security features. Most cameras also include the ability to answer your door remotely. Some options even have cloud backups and smart viewing so that you can view important recorded moments at the tap of a button.
We’ve picked out some of the best door view cams currently available. These all have two way audio, motion sensors, and real time alerts for your smartphone.
All of the tech we feature in this article will be available cheaper through Techscheme. In fact, you could save up to 12% off any of these door view cams. We will show you how much you could save and how it all works at the end of this article.

Motorola Focus 68 - £59.99

Motorola Focus 68

When we said door view cams are getting cheap, we really meant it. The Motorola Focus 68 is essentially the basic package - a night vision mode for viewing activity late at night, real time alerts via your smartphone, and a motion sensor. If activity is detected via the motion sensor, you’ll get notified. The camera features a wide angle lens, which means you can get a large view of the front of your door. It's not weather proof, so make sure to keep it under a balcony or peering through a window, if possible.

Motorola Focus 88  - £99.99

Motorola Focus 88

The Motorola Focus 88 takes everything that the 68 has and puts it into a more powerful enclosure. You get night vision, two way audio, motion sensors, and real time alerts.
But, on top of that, you are able to remotely tilt and rotate the camera to see the live feed from a different angle, right from your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are, so long as you are connected to the internet, you can view, access, and adjust the camera.
If you want a single camera to view a large area whilst you are away from your home, the Motorola Focus 88 proves to be an excellent choice.

Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera - £159

Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera

Nest is a well known manufacturer in the smart home game, so they have an excellent ecosystem to bring into your own home. A great starting place could be this Nest cam outdoor smart security camera.
This camera can record in full 1080p HD and you can receive notifications when movement or sounds are detected. The Nest Cam smart also has two way audio available. This means you can remotely respond to anybody that may have made their way to your front door. Night vision mode is available too.
On the hardware side, the Nest cam smart doesn’t have too much over the Motorola range above. However, when you pair it with Nest’s powerful online tech, Nest Aware, it all starts to make sense.
Nest Aware is a subscription that lets you get saved video history up to 30 days to the cloud, 24/7 continuous recording, intelligent alerts, and smart saved clips so you can skip to any noticeable moments that caused the security features to trigger. You can also set up safety zones, such as in front of your doorway, so those areas are monitored more closely for movement. Subscriptions start at £4 a month, or £40 a year.

Ring Door View Cam - £179

Ring Door View Cam

The Ring Door View cam jumps up in price from the past options, but it has a lot of tech hiding inside to justify the price. Firstly, yes all the expected bells and whistles are there. That means WiFi connection, two way audio communication, and motion sensor alerts can be sent to your smartphone. On top of this, the Ring Door View cam can be set up with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and even IFTTT.
You can install this door view cam right where your old door view is, and installation is quite straightforward. Keep in mind, it's only compatible with doors that are between 34 and 55 mm in thickness, however.
The camera is HD and has a wide viewing angle, which means you'll get everything caught on camera should any unwanted guests show up. You can also adjust how sensitive the motion sensor is so that you aren't getting any false positives. This is something that can't really be adjusted with cheaper options currently.

Summary and Pricing

Want to know how much you can save on these latest door view cams when buying through Techscheme? Take a look at our pricing table below.

Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Motorola Focus 68 £59.99 £7.20 £52.79
Motorola Focus 88 £99.99 £12.00 £87.99
Nest Outdoor Smart Security Camera £159.00 £19.08 £139.92
Ring Door View Cam £179.00 £21.48 £157.52

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