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Best video doorbells to secure your home


Doorbells have come a long way. Long gone is the time when they’d just tell you someone was at the door thanks to a few tinkling chimes. Tech has moved on – and taken doorbells with it. 


Now you can get video doorbells, smart doorbells and CCTV doorbell cameras. Doorbells you can control from your phone or even with your voice via Amazon Alexa. So, no more missing that important delivery while you’re at work. And no more worrying about your house while you’re on holiday. 


Video doorbells offer affordable home security, peace of mind and convenience that you just couldn’t dream of with an old-fashioned model.  


Currys PC World have put together the run-down of the best video doorbells out there: 


Ring video doorbells 


Ring Video Doorbell lets you check who’s at the front door from your tablet or smartphone in full HD 1080p. Plus, two-way audio communication means that you can tell your delivery driver exactly where to leave your parcels – no more checking the bins just in case! 


Ring is a great video doorbell for security. The Ring wide-angle smart camera gives you video with a wide field of vision. And motion sensors tell you when movement is detected. Plus, even the darkest of nights are lit up with infrared. 


You have the choice to either wire-in your Ring video doorbell or use batteries – whatever works for you. 


Ring Video Doorbell Pro takes all of these great features and adds a few more in the mix. Footage can be backed up on the Cloud and then there’s Amazon Alexa to respond to your every command. 


Google Nest doorbell 


Another option for keeping an eye on the front of your house is the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell. The added bonus here is it will work with Google Assistant (as well as Alexa) which might fit your set up if you’re already using other Google Nest products. 


As well as video, you’ll get a picture sent to your smartphone when someone presses the doorbell. This smart doorbell detects people, motion and sound – so you won’t miss a visitor. You can also communicate with them when you want to. 


And unlike regular doorbells, you can mute this one from the app – especially useful if you’ve got pets or sleeping kids to think about. 


Swann video doorbell 


Swann video doorbell is another great front door security guard. You can check who’s calling from your smartphone or tablet and talk to them no matter where you are. If you miss a visitor, you’ll be notified on your smartphone – plus the 80-degree angle lens gives you a good view of the front porch. 


Worried about rain? The Swann video doorbell comes with weather resistant IP65 rating, and you’ve also got the SwannBuzz app to keep you up to date with who’s coming and going. As well as infrared and motion sensors, you’ve also got heat vision; extra useful for takeaways, perhaps?! 


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Article was originally published by our partners at Currys PC World.  

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