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10 things you need to know about your phone

From switching to cleaning to using, you might learn something new.  

Calling, texting, swiping, browsing, posting, scrolling. We use our phones a lot. So, if you’re in the market for a new phone or just want the lowdown on your current one, here are some major phone facts.  

Your phone’s got more power than a spaceship. 

Our phones might not be able to get us to the moon. But they are certainly little pocket rockets, that can carry out a whole load of complex tasks. According to NASA, the smartphones of today have more processing power than the computers used in the Apollo 11 moon landing!  

Over 80% of our time online is on a phone or tablet 

From shopping to messaging our mates, there’s almost no end to stuff you can do online, and most of us use our phones for online activities.  In September 2019, Ofcom found that 81% of the time we spend online in the UK is on a phone or tablet device.  

Phone pick ups

We check our phones over 100 times day 

The average person unlocks their phone around 110 times every day. That’s a lot of pinging. It can be hard to get some space from our phone- whether it’s for work or play. Maybe your phone’s your life and you’re okay with that. But if you want to get some distance from it, check out our guide on how to achieve tech-life balance with a digital detox 

Apps are the most time-consuming feature of our phones 

About 10% of our time on our phones is spent using a web browser, but a huge 90% is spent using apps. Lots of sites have created their own apps which make the experience way better for phone users- just look at the way we check our emails on phone. If you want to do something, guess what? There’s an app for that.  

We’re all getting into with mobile gaming  

A PC and a console are the traditional main gaming hubs, right? Wrong! There are plenty of us that use our phones and that can be just as fun. In one year alone, the number of people playing games online on their phone exploded from 6% to 23%! Think about the breadth of games available to download in your app store.  

 Mobile gaming

SIM only contracts are on the ride 

It used to be that most of us got our phones on traditional 24-month contracts- where your phone’s tied to your SIM, before this used to be a PAYG option, remember those day?   

Thankfully there’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to contracts these days. Now you can get your SIM separately, letting you choose the plan that suits you best… not just the one that matches the phone you want.  

Plus, changing to a SIM only contract could save you a whole lot of money. In 2019, Ofcom found that about 1.4m of us lost money by sticking with a 24-month contract, rather than moving to a SIM-only when we were free to do so. 

Android phones are most likely to be targeted by malware 

Android is an incredibly popular OS (operating system) for phones, which makes it easy to sync up with a ton of different devices. But there’s a downside, with cyber criminals creating malware that can get onto your phone and steal your data.  

Like how you update your PC with antivirus software, the best thing you can do to ward away malware is to keep your phone updated regularly. And if you want to be extra safe, there are plenty of antivirus apps that can help too.  

Phones are making the switch to 5G! 

With 5G we’ll be able to download huge files, like 4K videos and shows, in seconds. No more long load screens or data delays. Though 5G isn’t as mainstream just yet, it’s estimated that there’ll be 1.5 billion 5G enabled phones by 2025!  

We all need to clean our phones more regularly than we do. 

We’re touching our phones constantly, so any germs we pick up they’ll most likely pick up too. Except (hopefully) we’re regularly washing our hands and face… not so much with our phones. As gross as this sounds, your average phone carries around 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Want to sort it out? Here’s how to clean your phone 

How to clean your phone

More of us have changed our plan since the pandemic 

Since March 2020, more than a 25% of phone users have changed their contract. With more of us spending more time at home and connected to Wi-Fi, people haven’t been using as much data. There’s also a cohort 29% of switchers that are looking for a cheaper deal. Whatever it is, it makes sense to keep your mobile plan in line with the life you’re living right now. 


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